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Customer Cabinet Manual

Reasons to Choose Desert Winds Painting
  • Upfront Pricing

We provide a detailed estimate with no hidden fees or unexpected changes. We don’t ever change your price without your knowledge or consent.

  • Excellent Communication

Always know what is happening with your project. You’ll be kept in the know every step of the way.

  • Flexible & Reliable

Experience in working around your schedule. Rest at ease knowing that we will do what we say we will.

  • Great Reviews

We take Customer Service very seriously. Our reviews speak for themselves!

After starting our business in 2018, we’ve grown quickly and have been blessed enough to be able to paint hundreds of homes across our community! We strive for integrity, honesty, and professionalism in all of our projects and take customer service very seriously. Our vision has been to create an environment of complete customer satisfaction in our industry. Our many high ratings and reviews are a reflection of our passion in what we do and our dedication to our community and the people in it! When you hire Desert Winds Painting for your project, we will not leave your project until you are satisfied. Every home and every client is important to us, from the start to the finish of your project.
Frequently Asked Questions

To get into our schedule, we request a 50% deposit, and a signed contract. Next, we will discuss colors and help you choose colors that are right for your space!

We ask for a 50% down payment to solidify your spot in our schedule. The remaining 50% is not due until after the job is complete and you are 100% Satisfied!

Our attention to detail when it comes to prep work and painting. Additionally, we work with the best house painters to make sure the job is done right and if you need dedicated help with colors, we work with the best interior/exterior designers to help you pick colors that will not only work well for you and your home, but that you will love! Even if you’re keeping the same colors you already have, we get those colors matched so you can continue to enjoy the colors that you love! We treat your home as if it is our own, so you can trust that it will get done right by us.

For Cabinetry and casework, please make sure that your counter space is clear and that any food, spices, dishes, etc. in your cupboards are moved back 10”-12” so that we have room to work around the openings. If we are painting the inside of the cabinetry (less common), please completely empty out the cabinetry and clean the insides (dish soap and water will do fine).

Our painters never expect tips. However, if you love the work they did on your home, you are more than welcome to tip your painters. The industry standard is 2-4% of the job size.

If you don’t have a preference, we recommend Sherwin-Williams products, because they do more product testing than any other paint company and they stand behind their products. This means that if there is ever a manufacturing defect, you can trust Sherwin-Williams to take care of you and your project. However, we can use any type of paint you prefer…this is your house, after all!

Absolutely! We protect our customers by carrying the appropriate coverages for general liability and worker’s compensation. Note: Many painting companies do not carry worker’s compensation. We recommend using a company that is bonded and insured, even if it isn’t us.

Insurance & Guarantee

We maintain full general liability insurance on all people working on your home. With safety in mind, we will do everything we can to avoid any injuries on the jobsite. However, accidents can happen. We have the proper coverage so that you don’t need to worry about a thing!

Additionally, we have an all-inclusive Worker’s Compensation policy through Liberty Mutual. Many painting companies do not have this policy, but we feel it is very important to keep our painters safe and covered. Also, it covers you (the homeowner) from any lawsuit against you and your property were someone to get hurt.

We stand by our work and will come out if any problems arise! That being said, we stand behind quality work. That means we require all of the necessary prep work and quality materials in order for us to do the job right. Patience is absolutely crucial to the outcome as well. Even though your cabinets will be dry enough to touch within 24 hours, the curing processes for most cabinet paints can take up to 2 weeks.

The most common product we use for cabinetry is a high quality paint from Sherwin-Williams called Emerald Urethane Enamel, or its counterpart Pro-Industrial Waterbased Alkyd Urethane. If you are choosing lighter colors, we’ll most likely use the Emerald Urethane Enamel. If you are choosing darker colors, we’ll probably use the Pro-Industrial Waterbased Alkyd Urethane. In order for the paint to adhere properly to the substrate (base surface), the surface needs to be in good condition. For this reason, we ask that any damaged surfaces be repaired/replaced prior to us coming to prep your cabinets for paint. If you need a recommendation, we network with several highly rated, reasonably priced cabinet makers who can help you get your cabinets paint ready!

What to Expect Next
Step 1

Start by selecting colors. Go to your nearest Sherwin-Williams store to discover which color schemes interest you most. Then, we will come out to help you select your final color scheme!

Step 2

If you have already selected colors, please let us know and we can apply paint samples to your cabinets if you’d like. We’ll need the color name and code as well. If you’re matching your existing colors, we may need old paint cans, labels, and/or codes. If you don’t have this information, that’s okay too! We can get a match from the colors directly from the areas you want to match!

Step 3

Once colors are finalized, we can sit down and talk about your rough start date for the prep work and painting.

Step 4

The week leading up to the job, you can expect us to keep you updated, especially if there are any changes in our work schedule.

Step 5

We will let you know what time you can expect our crews to start work each day.

Step 6

Upon completion, we’ll look over the cabinets with you to do any last touch ups before we collect the final payment. We would also appreciate it if you would fill out a short survey letting us know how the process was for you. Your feedback is very valuable to us as it allows us to improve with every project we do!

Prep Work Facts
Scuff Sanding
Most often when cabinets are painted, stained, etc. they are left with a glossy finish. While this finish is beautiful and cleans better than a flat (non-glossy) finish, it can be more difficult for paint to stick to. For this reason we will give the cabinets a light sand to help the paint stick a little better. Depending on the current condition of the cabinets, we may opt to use a deglosser or “liquid sandpaper”, or potentially both a light scuff sand, as well as wiping down with a deglosser.
In order for paint to stick to the surface of your cabinets, they need to be clean. The light sanding in the first step will help in removing grease, food, etc. from the cabinets, but they will be left with a thin layer of dust. To remove the dust, we will wipe down the cabinets with a tack cloth (a thin mesh cloth that contains a coating of wax that aids in picking up the dust), followed by wiping the cabinets with a Phosphate free TSP solution. This will help remove any residual grease, food or dust.
The next step is that we will remove all of the doors, hardware, and drawer faces from the cabinet boxes. We can take the doors and drawer faces with us back to our shop to prep and paint, or if you prefer, we can set up an area in your home/garage to prep and paint them. Please note that optimal temperature for painting is 50°F-80°F. If you don’t have a heated garage, that may not be an option during colder months.
There are lots of unpainted surfaces in your kitchen. To ensure that those unpainted surfaces stay unpainted, we will tape, mask, or cover the areas surrounding your cabinets.
In order to make sure that our paint adheres to the surface properly, we will prime the surface beforehand. There are a lot of factors that can play into what kind of primer we will use, and sometimes we may opt to use a different primer mid project. Most often we will use Sherwin-Williams’ Premium Wall and Wood Primer or Extreme Bond Primer. While both of these offer superior adhesion, they don’t do as well with stain blocking. If tannins bleed out of the wood, we will be able to see those stains, and may opt to use a Stain Blocking Primer instead. Either way, if we are painting unpainted cabinets, it is absolutely necessary to prime them first.
Next up is the painting of the cabinets. Most of the time we will opt to paint the cabinet body by hand using soft bristled brushes and mohair roller naps (very thin naps that achieve an almost spray-like finish). This allows us to be in and out of your kitchen relatively quickly, and even if we don’t finish the entire cabinet body in one day, you will still have the freedom to access your cabinets as soon as we leave for the day! Since we have the option to take the doors with us, we usually spray them.
Because the paint hardens slowly as it cures, we like to give the doors a few days before transporting them. Once the doors are ready to transport, we will bring them back and reassemble everything!
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Not Sure What Color to Paint Your Cabinets?

That’s okay! Desert Winds pairs with the best designers and decorators around who will assist you in choosing colors that will match with  your paint colors, countertops, or backsplash! 

Once a color scheme is chosen, test patches can be ordered and applied to a small area of the cabinets in order to see the paint color in different lighting. After all, we want you to love the colors you choose!

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